Sunday, 19 May 2013

Inflatable Mattresses used for Sleeping

Inflatable mattress are also known as air mattresses ,which are usually made of vinyl plastic or even a more recent developed rubber version. When inflatable mattress is deflated it’s easily rolled up , stored , or carried rather easily making it a very good choice for camping trips or as a bedding for guests at home .Different versions of inflatable mattresses are available as they can be orally inflated by blowing through a valve , or using a foot powered manual , or even much easier via an electric pump .

Inflatable mattresses are mainly used in three ways either during camping , temporary beds for guests , or you could use it as a permanent bed . Some of the inflatable mattresses are specially designed in shapes with wheel cut outs specifically intended to be used in vehicles as pickups or SUV’s .

Unfortunately some governments have warned against letting children and babies to sleep o inflatable mattresses as it may be too soft that infants may suffocate within folds between the mattresses and the bed case , in addition to the poisonous nature of the materials that are used in industry of these inflatable mattresses.
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